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Taking the Boardroom to the Metaverse Battlefield

What is a Corporate Staff Ride, What Does it Give You, How Does it Work?

The Corporate Staff Ride is based on the century-old military training tool pioneered by the German General Staff and now used world-wide. Focused on the role of the corps/division commander - particularly appropriate for today's senior manager - our Corporate Staff Ride integrates the battlefield decisions and outcomes with the attendees' main interests through the case method approach. It requires no specialized knowledge - or even interest - in military affairs, only the acceptance that battles can provide useful "metaphors" for decision making under crisis conditions. As an experiential training environment, the actual ground where great conflicts took place has an immediacy and impact that is hard to duplicate in any other forum.

• Professional Analysis of Organization-Specific Senior Management Development Issues

• Proven, Repeatable, and Proprietary Leadership Development and Team-Building Tool

• Experiential leadership training programs have an immediate, personal impact

• Our program is designed by a succesful Wall Street Analyst who is also a published and award-winning military historian

• A “Real World” Metaphor of Crisis Decision-Making Where Terrain Becomes the Environmental Landscape of the Enterprise

• Directly Relevant Program Design Perspective

• Interactive Case Study Method

• Adaptation of Mobile/AR technology

The Corporate Staff Ride is flexible, adaptable, and repeatable. Virtually any organization can structure its own Corporate Staff Ride to

1) focus training resources on improving the performance of a functional unit of the enterprise,

2) invest in leadership development at a specific management level,

3) explore persistent, or strategic, enterprise-wide leadership issues.

This is accomplished through selection of a battlefield site appropriate to the purpose of the Corporate Staff Ride, the choice and order of the particular stops - including varying the stops on a previously visited battlefield - and the selection of the topics considered in the business case study workshops.

With sufficient research and internal staff work - as well as advice from APPLIED BATTLEFIELD CONCEPTS LLC - most organziations can integrate the Corporate Staff Ride into existing executive management training and development programs. The cost of a developing and implementing a customized APPLIED BATTLEFIELD CONCEPTS LLC Corporate Staff Ride is $25,000-$50,000 plus expenses and takes 3-months to implement.

Corporate Staff Ride News

“Steven L. Ossad’s life of Gen. Omar Bradley is a marvelously illuminating portrait of the last of the great World War II figures to have a full biography. It has been worth the wait! This deeply researched and splendidly written biography is an important contribution to our knowledge and understanding of the general who not only led over a million men in the most famous campaigns of the war but who also later became the head of the postwar VA and the first chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.”—Carlo D'Este, author of Patton: A Genius For War

Join Applied Battlefield Concepts LLC on a journey into the past that will help illuminate your most important concerns and expand your thinking about the future.